A day in the life of a student……

Observing the activities of a number of students over the last summer, made me think how I wished I was young again 🙂

We had a great summer and we must be grateful for that, even now, first week of October I can see a beautiful sunny day through my window,

Students here in Bournemouth have lessons in the morning or afternoon. Most students prefer attending school in the morning during the summer but that it’s not always possible as schools work at full capacity at that time of the year.

By 7 AM, students are getting ready for school. Some students have to catch the bus and they need to allow more time but most students walk to school.

Students aim to be at school by 8:30 AM and ready for the first lesson at 9:00 AM. Most schools dictate lessons of 40 minutes each and they do them in blocks of two so students start the morning with two lessons followed by a break where students can rest their minds and talk to their friends, have a drink or simply read a magazine. The students, after the break, go back for a further two lessons and they’re done for the day, unless they are doing University Foundation courses or Intensive English Language course. Some schools offer speaking practice clubs and students can stay in the school building or return later in the day.

When the lessons are over for the day, students can stay in the building doing all sorts of activities. Some will spend their time playing Table Tennis or Pool, others will watch TV, browse the Internet, etc.

Students have different choices where to have their lunch. Depending on the school location and time of the year, student will either eat lunch with their friends at school or go to a nearby park have lunch and catch the sun while they chat with friends.

Most students here in Bournemouth spend their afternoons at the beach or shopping during the summer. They go back to their Host Families or other accommodation for dinner and to do their home work but they are out again in the evening. Again, the beach, a park, cinema, the pub, a sport venue, etc are popular places with students. Most evenings one can see groups of students having fun along the beach, playing sports, playing music and mostly engaged in conversation with fellow students which is a great way of improving their English.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays students will probably visit one of the many Night Clubs of the town (depending on age) There are rules and  restrictions for students under 18 years of age. Thursdays are usually the students night and students from all schools will come into town and have fun.

The opportunities to have fun and learn are there for everyone. Any day of the week is a long day in the life of a student.

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