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What examinations can I take?

There are various courses and qualifications available at schools across the UK. The information below will help you understand what is on offer.

Cambridge and other EFL qualifications:

The Cambridge examinations EFL are well known and accepted by universities, employers and national education authorities throughout the world as evidence of having attained a required level of English.

Universities in Britain, United States of America, Australia, Canada, etc, accept the Certificate in Advanced English, the Certificate of Proficiency in English and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) as evidence that a student has reached an adequate standard of English for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

There are several universities that accept the "Business Certificate 3" as entry requirement to MBA courses. This is an advance examination of the English language and relevant particularly to students interested in business study courses.

"UCLES" (The University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate)

UCLES business examinations give an employer an independent and reliable assessment of an employee or potential employee's language ability. The Business English Certificates are a raft of examinations designed to help those that need a certificate to advance their career.

"BULATS" ( The Business Language Testing Service)

BULATS is a language assessment service for companies and organisations that wish to evaluate the level of competence in the use of the English language of their personnel . It offers a fast and flexible service with a variety of testing options to assess an employees' language level.

"FCE" (First Certificate in English)

'FCE' is an intermediate level examination. It is the most widely taken of the Cambridge EFL examinations and recognised by business and educational organisations throughout the world.

'CAE' (Certificate in Advanced English)

"CAE" is a high level qualification for people who wish to use the English language in their profession or with study purposes and is recognised by most British universities, and abroad, as proof that the student has a language level high enough to pursue a course dictated in English.

'CPE' (Certificate of Proficiency in English)

'CPE' is the highest level EFL exam offered by UCLES. British universities recognise it as proof that a student has the language ability needed to study in English at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

"IELTS" (International English Language Testing System)

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is jointly administered by UCLES, the British Council and IELTS Australia: IDP Australian Education. IELTS is recognised by many universities in Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere as proof that a student has the language ability needed to study in English at degree level. All candidates take the same listening and speaking modules, and there are a choice of 'Academic English' and 'General Training' modules for reading and writing too.

"TOEFL" (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

'TOEFL' measures the listening, reading and writing skills of people studying English as a second language. It can be taken as a written or computer-based exam. A satisfactory TOEFL score can be accepted as proof of proficiency in English for admission to most English-language universities, especially in the US and Australia.

'TOEIC' (Test of English for International Communication)

'TOEIC' is used to evaluate the standard of English in academic and business environments. A satisfactory TOEIC score is acceptable proof of proficiency for admission to most community colleges in the US.



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